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These rules apply to all caravan users, there are however extra rules for sub-letting and those allowing the use of caravans to family and friends. If you need a copy please tick the bottom of your site agreement or ask at the office.

It is very important that you read these rules carefully, they are put in place for the good of all our guests and they contain important points regarding site safety. Please sign and return to agree to adhere to these rules.

1. ALL CARAVANS must have an annual gas soundness test carried out by a CORGI registered "leisure" gas installer, prior to being used. A certificate for a gas test and current insurance certificate must be handed in to the site office before 16th March 2012.

2. All gas used by owners to supply their caravans on site must be bought from 'Rowston Holiday Park Ltd'

3. Any owner wishing to sell their caravan must sell it back to the Park Owner. Alternatively they can be sold off-site, by the owner. Caravans to go offsite will be liable to a de-siting fee of £450 plus VAT for straight forward de-siting. For more complicated de-siting i.e caravans with verandas, concrete patios etc. the price will be decided on application.

4. Once a caravan has reached the age of 12 years it's condition, particularly the outside condition, will be reviewed before a decision is made as to whether or not it can remain on site unless a prior agreement had been reached. (The term of 12 years is given so long as no gross mis-demeanor is committed, ie: late or non payment of site fees or any others bills. Verbal abuse aimed towards management or staff. Or failure to return and sign one set of rules). Once a caravan has reached 15 years it must then go off-site.

5. We have been recently receiving complaints about the amount of dog mess on park. With our static units caravan owners only are allowed to have their dogs on the park at any time, but please exercise them off the park. Dogs must be kept on a lead at all times. When walking your dog please use a short lead not a retractable lead or long length of rope so as to control your dog's movements! A pooper-scooper and a poly bag will cater for any accidents.

6. Permission must be granted by the management for decking and patio areas. All caravans with decking must ensure that all drain off valves and mains taps are moved to the other side of the caravan to allow easy access. If this is not done we will re-position the valves and taps ourselves and you will be liable for a bill of £70. The reason for this being that there have been some un-detected leaks in which we have had difficulty in gaining access to, therefore leading to the wastage of a great deal of water.

7. Timber around the van must be painted regularly with dark brown/black OR green creosote or wood preservative.

8. Your car must be parked in the car park allocated to you, only one car per caravan is permitted in the allocated car park. If you require a parking space for any additional cars please contact the office and a space will be allocated to you. Cars MUST NOT park on the grass, unless an agreement has been made with the management. Also please do not park in passing places.

9. Any owner with a boat, trailer or any other equipment which will need a parking space must ask for permission and details of where to park.

10. Do not exceed the speed limit on the site, which is 10 mph.

11. The toilet/shower blocks are for the use of campers/tourers only, please do not use these facilities.

12. Owners are required to keep the space under their caravan free from weeds. The use of weed killers is forbidden on the park.

13. In accordance with Fire Authority regulations it is forbidden to store anything under your caravan as this can cause a fire hazard. This is a point brought up by health and safety officers on each visit, so please do not store anything under your caravan.

14. Please make sure that children ride their bikes safely on site. For safety reasons skates/roller blades, scooters, skateboards or air guns are not allowed on site.

15. Children must not play around the units, flower beds, fish pond and toilet/shower blocks. A children's play area is provided, where they must be accompanied by an adult.

16. We recommend that you should switch fridges off when the caravan is not in use; there is always the possibility of a power failure. When going home after a weekend your TV should be put out of sight.

17. Clothes lines are not permitted, 1 clothes airer per unit is allowed and must be in an unobtrusive position.
Garden furniture and windbreaks must be moved when asked and put away when you are away from your holiday home.

18. Owners who have piped gas must turn off your outside tap when going home.

19. As water charges have escalated, please use water sparingly, shrubs once established, need no watering. The use of water for the washing of vehicles is strictly forbidden. We do not want to have to install water meters!

20. Please be considerate to fellow caravan owners and please keep noise to a minimum in unsociable hours.
If you have any concerns regarding other caravan owners please report any issues to reception, please do not take matters into your own hands.

21. All garden refuse is to be placed in refuse sacks and securely tied. This can then be taken to the yard where they can be left on the right hand side (outside). This is intended for garden refuse only, please do not dump household items.


22. During the winter period we advise you to remove, or leave open, all curtains as a safety precaution and remove all items of value. In winter, owners are to ensure that water is turned off and stop taps are disconnected. If we have a hard winter this can result in burst pipes etc. and many hundreds of gallons of water can be lost.
All owners are to have their caravan's professionally drained off to avoid burst pipes. A charge will be made for any stop taps that we find not disconnected.

23. Out of season, once the site is closed, owners may visit the park during daylight hours, but a phone call prior to a visit must be made.

24. If you find that you have no electricity to your caravan, please check that your indoor and outdoor trip switches are on before contacting the office. A Call-Out charge of £30 will be made for staff attending to water or electric problems if it is found to be the owner's responsibility. (Make sure that your family and friends are aware of what items they can use.)

In the event of an Emergency we can be contacted on the following telephone numbers: (01834) 831801 or 07818 887756.




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